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Hello Everyone :)

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  • Hello Everyone :)

    Hi everyone
    My name is Mike and I just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone on the forum . I'm just getting started in the business here in south Georgia and hope that God really Blesses the business. Right now I'm working full time 42 hours a week and doing my accounts on my off time to help supplement our income. I got started in the business because when I was 12 MANY years ago I did yards in the neighborhood and made good money doing it. But now days you don't see the kid with the push mower and the gas can asking if he can cut your yard so thats where I come in, I remember that there are still people out there that need to have there yards done and don't have time to do them.
    If any of you have any advice for this OLD rookie in the lawn care business please shoot me a line, I always love to learn where I can improve.

    Nice to meet you all

    Mike Mathis

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    Hi Mike,

    Welcome to our forum!

    What kinds of things have you been doing to market and promote your business so far?
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