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  • 2nd year

    My name is John and I started a lawn care service last year. I enjoy yard work as it is peaceful. I am retired military and started this last year. Also me and my wife are in volved partly with an electric company. So working for myself but not always alone is great!

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    Also me and my wife are involved partly with an electric company.
    Is that ignite?

    What's been your view on being involved with that thus far?
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      Stream (Ignite)

      We love it we have made good money actually. I was actually shocked. I was asked by a friend 2 yrs ago and I said no, thats crazy! I was the crazy one! We have customers and people doing what we do, teach others about it. We are doing pretty good! I told my wife I wish I would have gotten involved 2 years ago. Really get a bigger monthly check. We get checks once a month now and to me its just for sharing with others. Its always coming in to us and we get a kick out of it. We just moved to Georgia as well. We will be expanding out to others as well.But it really is just as simple as talking to you about it. Check out our website By the way thanks for asking.


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