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  • Hello from Omaha!

    Hello! I just wanted to drop in and say HI! My name's Gene and I own TargetOmaha Marketing & I work with a ton of local lawn and landscape companies and am trying to branch out with my new site

    In my past life I was worked for a large online retailer doing SEO (search engine optimization) trying to get their sites (they had 200+) to rank on google. I got into small business marketing (particularly print and signs) about 2 years ago and took it on full time about 7 months ago.

    Since then, the business has been growing exponentially! I really do my best to focus on my customer's needs, and it pays off. 7 months ago, I was selling 200 signs a month, now we're well over 10,000/monthly and still growing!

    I look forward to really use this forum in two ways, "selfishly" to promote my own business. But also, and more importantly, to do my best to answer marketing and business questions you might have!

    Thanks a ton for any warm welcomes!
    Gene H
    Yard Signs Work!

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    Hi Gene,

    Welcome to our forum!

    That sounds like you have a very interesting background!

    Do you have any suggestions when it comes to search engine optimization? How can a lawn care business owner improve the rankings of their website?
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      Hi Gene,

      Welcome to the forum, I think were gonna need your expertise on Search engine optimization. I am a web designer but I've never learned how to make myself popular on Google and all the other search engines out there


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        I'll put together some information and offer it on here.


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