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hello all!

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  • hello all!

    like i typed in the about me section.
    im someone who stumbled into a lawn care business

    i bought a nice trailor for 200 buks and did about 200 dollars worth of work to it... gate, lights, tires, sides, etc.

    and came a cross an add in craigslist dallas for a near new walkbehind mower by craftsman..

    after seeing it i had to get it...i always think the worse i could do is resell it for a profit..

    the mower retailed originally at 1299 plus tax
    i payed 700 for it with original receipt and warranty.

    then my wonderful baby moma ...(were getting married soon..shh dont tell her! lol) had me some cards and shirts made...really spiffy

    after some tips from your vids and forums.
    i am now well on my way to paying for the whole rig in a couple of months...

    i focus on residential yards avg price 35 buks and flowerbeds.they pay real nice. assuming everything lives!

    anyways wanted to say hello and soon will post pics and other goodies...

    thanks and get gophering!!!

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    Hi Marco,

    Welcome to our forum. It's nice to have you here!

    I am looking forwards to your pics.

    What kind of marketing have you found to be worthwhile? What have you tried that hasn't worked?
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      as far as marketing..

      i made up 4 different flyers..

      then i put two on each full sheet of paper. so that i could get two flyers on every sheet.

      they varied from

      mowing to one that listed alot of
      123-456-7890 the jobs i do.

      one geared towards and one focusing on
      realtors, property owners flowerbeds
      (one time jobs) (yard, envy of neig...
      make ready from your forum! thx)

      and just keep them in the truck and pass them out as i see some where they may work.

      sometimes call for sale or rent signs and ask for yard.

      and call the local am radio morning shows (its free)
      talk time in corsicana
      and the fleamarket in waxahachie. (there are rules for calling instead of saying im kdvandco calling to mow yards i offer to do yard work on my spare time for anyone needing it and give my number...never never never advertising my business name. i dont know why but its ok that way. not the other...go figure....just dont argue

      ..roughly 15,000+ listeners for both stations alot of seniors*

      and always keep a sign on your trailor ....its like a bill board....


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        Welcome aboard.

        If there is anything just ask


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