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15 year old need your help

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    You never know the response you will get until you experiment with it. Try it out and then change 1 element of the flyer and then try it again. Keep doing this to see what elements bring you the best return.

    Keep us posted on how all this turns out!
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      Should i change anything or leave it as is ? I'm thinking about making 1000 copies on lime colored paper
      On your 5$ off on first cuts, you may want to specify that it wont cover overgrown/un-maintained yards, unless u want to hassle that as well, hoping for a contract attained. see below*

      You may also want to make sure your beating the competition, and note that the *5$ off price is only applicable to a minimum # of cut contract, maybe 10 cuts @ weekly or 6 bi-weekly.

      However many u feel is neccessary, but dont make the minimum amount of cut too great, let the customer decide if they want to make the contract for more cuts.

      Thats my opinion, i hope it helps you sir.
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