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  • Brand New To Gopher!

    Whats up, I started my lawncare business when I was 13. Im currently 15. I started working with My Uncle who owns one of the biggest lawn care and landscape compinies in the Mt. Dora/ Orlando area of Florida. I have just recently upgraded my fleet to a 6X12 Trailer with 2 Super Surfers, 3 echo string trimmers, 2 back pack blowers, 2 edgers, 2 pole hedge trimmers. I also have a scag 32'' walk behind mower. I currently pull my trailer with a 2003 dodge ram 1500, quad cab. Im in the process of buying a trailer back izuzu. I also have 2 other people working for me.

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    WOW What a great story!

    Welcome to our forum!

    Do you have any pictures you can take of all this? We'd love to see them.
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