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    Hey Jon love the website....glad to see lots of your work on there.


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      Quote[/b] (LGYardService @ Mar. 02 2008,8:06)]Hey,

      I am interested in some t shirts being screen printed. Can you somehow get me some pricing info? I was just wanting to have a big image of my logo on the back of the shirts and a small one on the upper left chest, very basic. My logo does have quite a few different colors, tho. I have been checking other local screen printing business and their prices seem pretty steep. Thanks!

      Here is a pic of my logo so you can see how many different colors.
      Email me how many t-shirts you need, what color you want them, and how much you have been quoted.


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        Quote[/b] (Team Gopher @ Mar. 02 2008,9:48)]Jon that is really neat! Do you do your own graphic design or do you have others to take care of that?

        How do you like the printing business? What do you find you enjoy most about it?
        Yes I have my own graphic designers who are very talented at conceptualizing new ideas for any given industry.

        I really enjoy the business because of all the different people I do work for and the different industries, what I like the most is the comments from my customers when they 1st view their proof, and when the product finally arrives they are very satisfied with the quality of the paper. It is a very rewarding business.


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          Quote[/b] (ritchiem @ Mar. 02 2008,10:28)]Hey Jon love the website....glad to see lots of your work on there.
          I'm glad you like it, I will soon be adding some newer cards I've done that I really like, I wish I could put them all up, but it would be pages and pages of samples, not to mention brochures and all other products.


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            Sent you an email Jon....hope you got it.


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