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  • Carbonite

    Anyone using carbonite to backup the most important thing on your computer... your billing program... Ive been looking for online backup for years, this is another awesome investment...89.99 for two years of online backup...up to a certain amount of gigs.... not sure what it is though...I think I back up 750 kb... whatever the data file on gopher thats the only thing I care about on the windows side of my best part is... It backs up to two different locations that are physically 3000 miles apart... not bad for 90 bucks!

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    I backup all my important files once a month to CD-ROM (each "category" of files go to a separate CD (ie- business, pictures, personal docs, etc)). Those CDs go into a fireproof box and get put under my staircase. I keep 6 months worth of discs. =) It's a lot cheaper.


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      how long does that take?? cause ya know... time is

      Also... I have a problem burning a cd from the windows side of my mac.. I run parallels so I can still run windows on it...

      Make sure where you keep them is !really! fireproof... Thats one of my biggest worries... I back up to external also... and to carbonite...

      Told my wife...if the house catches fire... youre on your own...Ill have a kid in each arm and the laptop shoved in my pants and the external in my shirt... and for good measures, Ill put the cash from the safe in my daughters diaper... who cares if it stinks right?? lol


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        I'm pretty sure that the place is fireproof... it's at the base of the foundation... right against the wall... 2 sides concrete.... so not too bad...

        ...and I hear ya about the money!! I'd wash it myself... by hand... it's MONEY, for cripe's sake!! (or in this case, for CRAP'S sake) LOL!


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