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    Should receive my cards by the 12 of December

    I can't wait this long !!


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      Quote[/b] (realhuntin @ Dec. 03 2007,2:18)]Hello and Thank you. We are R & R Lawn Care located in Northen Kentucky, we started this past spring (May 2007)with a few cutting jobs and some small landscape renovation. I am a retired High End Security Contractor. We were in business for over 20 years with this and I need something less stressful, so I started this business with the labor help from my 2 youngest childern 17 & 18. As I said we started out doing some small cutting jobs and now it has progressed to a full service lawncare landscape company. We have completed several very large retaining wall and patio paver projects and have found a way to make full lawn maintenance a 12 month business in an area that normally only has 9 to 10 months at best. We supply monthly contracts for our customers on a even billing to help make it more attractive. (there is more to it than I can describe here). We have completed over 150k in work and have accuired over 10k per month in reoccurring revenue and it's not even a full year. Please feel free to visit our website Thank you for promoteing NO LOW BALLING, this act will kill or damage any industry and it only hurts yourself if you get caught up in this type of bussiness practice. Remember the best market place for our industry is in the age group for 25-40 and 55+ years of age. Don't forget to offer Senior Discounts and watch your customer base grow. Thank you again Tim, R & R Lawn Care Landscape Services.
      Change your index on your site for me. Where you have Press Release 1 put this there. R & R Lawn Care Alexandria, KY Then check google in about 2 to 4 weeks see if youe site comes up when you type lawn care Alexandria, KY .



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