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  • Welcome Steve!!!

    Our new friend Steve has joined us and wrote this.

    Quote[/b] ]Hello everyone! My name is Steve and my business name is Handy Home Medics LLC. "Critical Care For Lawns & Homes"

    This is our first season in business and things have been very busy right out of the chute! Too busy to tell the truth. Still managing my two full time Paramedic jobs at night and this during the day.

    How did we get started? I already know what 80+ hrs. a week of emergency medicine pays (not enough). We wanted to try something that could leverage our time and didn't require being bled or vomited on.

    We're very active throughout Monmouth and Union Counties in NJ. I found this website today and am addicted already. I can't believe that this type of resource is available!
    Hi Steve and welcome!

    I think you also sent me a friend request as well and I saw some of your great pictures.

    Here is a great shot of you in the paper! Great job!

    I can see some great marketing concepts with what you are doing. You could create some door hangers that show you as a firfighter/ems worker and then show you working in the yards. Promoting that you are a local paramedic could open the doors to a lot of new jobs and also possibly get you news media attention.

    Have you considered this as a marketing angle?

    Also how do you find time to start your business while working two other shifts? WOW!
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