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    Hey i am Matt Hollerman from alabama the name of my business is J & M LAWN CARE that my wife and i run together. i do lawncare as a part time job right now working on making it my full time job.

    i have been doing lawncare for about 6 months now. i love doing yards. a ford f-150 XLT does the hauling for me, pulling around a 6 by 12 dual axle trailer with a 1 60" emark *mower along with a stihl weedeater, edger, hedger, and backpack blower.

    the yards pick up faster then what i thought after i advertised in the newspaper and kept convience stores stocked with business cards, and the name of my business on the side of the truck and a huge sign on the back of my trailer. And remember everyone i am still new at this but catching on quick so any suggestions u would have for me would be nice especially if anyone has any advice on a full page contract.

    I am not doing contracts at this moment but i need that gurantee that my money will be there because i am getting a few of those people that use me once or twice and wait a whole month before they tell me to come back out. And i need that twice a month money, plus it is a waste of my time to just cut once a month especially the way gas is. LOL. Well i guess that is it for right now, P.S. i have uploaded a pic of my business card, i have put my fist 1,000 out and working on another 1,000 the new 1,000 have my name on it this time, so tell me what u think, so far alot of people tell me it is catchy. thanks

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    Hi Matt,

    Welcome to our forum!

    Here is a link to some contracts.

    I will send you an email to get your pics to post. I look forwards to seeing what you arae doing.
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