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  • Hello

    Hello everyone I'm new here.

    I have been doing lawn service on and off it seems most of my life. I;m new to the houston area I was in the computer firld for 15 yrs but allways wated to work for myself in the great outdoors.

    I have all my equiptment and I have started advertising
    I have NO customers YET but I have had 2 calls one that I over bidded on and the other was too far for me..
    I just started my as in the news paper last friday..

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    Hi bohiaa,

    Welcome to our forum!

    Are you still working at your fulltime job or did you make a clean break for lawn care?

    What are your goals for this year with your business?
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      Sometimes you have to accept the bad jobs or the low priced jobs to get your foot in the door