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    Hi all, my husband and I are very glad to have found this helpful forum. We own a very small lawncare business we started 6 months ago. We have a steady base of residential clients and my husband does all of the mowing and lawn care himself and enjoys it, but we foresee hiring at least one employee. We do not have any employees yet. We are still trying to build our little business and I will have questions about when to hire, payroll, insurance and general business practices. We have had our trailer, all mowing equipment, storage unit for trailer for about 6 months and our system, for now, is working fine, but I can see it expanding.
    Having never had a small business, we are glad to have found a forum with such great information and help. Have a great day and see you on the forums!

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    Welcome to our forum What got you interested in starting your own business?
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