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    so I haven't been here for many years I had to make a new profile because I can't remember the name I used back then.
    I started my own company from the bottom up and did very very well for myself. Mostly I took alot of advice from here and made it work for me out there. I can't remember everybody's name when I was here last but there was a guy from Nova Scotia who was using all organic products for lawns. He was a busy guy. I wanted to be like him. Another guy named jason.a?
    Swtout ?I think few others we talked on here everyday. That's what made me successful. I remember the old layouti liked that one better but I'm glad this site is still up and running. Thanks for still being here.

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    Welcome back! Picframer I believe was the member from nova scotia. I havent seen him on here for a while. The last I remember was he took a job managing a commercial property, ( I think that is what happened. )

    What reflecting back on that earlier time until now, what lessons do you feel that stood out and helped you get yourself growing?

    Any advice for others trying to get their business footing?
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