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These are the days on our lawns 2018

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  • These are the days on our lawns 2018

    It is a new season we all are heading into and l have many adventures to share.
    It has been a while since my last post but we are back.
    We have downsized grown back. Added new crews and will be at it again this year .

    This spring we have got all of our fertikize and seed out as the weather broke mid February and we have been mowing weekly since around the 20th.
    Ask questions and such as we go along. Let this year be a good one to everyone.

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    Great lawn pics! Whats been your view on why scaling down and then back up again? How much of that was based on the economy?
    What is your view on how the economy over the past few years has effected the lawn care industry?
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      Love the pics! Nice white,dark green stripes


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