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  • Hello from NW Arkansas

    Hello everyone,
    I am not or never have been in the lawn care business. Although, I am considering starting a small probably one man more or less (mow and go) type operation, after I retire, before long.

    I am here to lean about lawn care, equipment, methods, etc. I have been a cattle farmer and construction worker most of my life. I have run a lot of equipment, but never spent much time mowing or tending lawns. I do mow my own lawn, and I currently own a kubota zero turn mower Z122E and STIHL FS 111R weed eater. But that's about it. I manage to do my own lawn, but I can tell I would need to be a lot faster (and better) to make decent wages mowing lawns.

    So, bottom line, I am here to learn from the experts.

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    You could experiment a bit and look to get a few neighbors to take care of their property and see what you think of the business. Then if you like it, you could scale up more. There is a lot of reading on here about most every topic of running a lawn care business.
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