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  • Hello Everyone!

    Hi my Name is Eric. This is my second year in business. I have be doing lawn care for 10 years and very lucky to have a wealthy family member to fund my dream of being a business owner. I have a 2002 f550 flat bed dump truck with a blizzard 8611 plow, a 2005 f250 crew cab with a blizzard 810 plow, 2004 bobcat s185 snow tires 8ft blade u blade planner bar forks and bucket, 7,000lb and 10,000lb trailer, exmark 60 inch liquid cool, exmark 52 inch, 36 inch scag walk behind and 48 inch lesco walk behind and a web site I joined in hopes to get some insight on biding and landing commercial accounts and getting the filthy rich to sign up for my services. I first started my business just maintaining lawns and built a web site aimed more towards landscaping more money in landscaping . Next year I want to run a landscape crew and a mowing crew!

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    Welcome to our forum!

    What kinds of things has your family member helped you do that you feel you wouldn't have been able to do on your own?
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