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    Hi there!
    My name's Ken and I'd like to introduce you to our business called Jans Lawn Care & Landscaping. I'd also like to introduce you to our business Jans Small Engine & Repair.
    When we started mowing lawns eight years ago, it was all we could do to keep up with the one rider, trimmer, and walk behind that we had.
    We grew, started getting into landscaping and bed maintenance, edging, applications, aeration, then patios, retaining walls, fire pits, water features, grading, and tiling.This is when we thought "Why stop at just the growing months?" so then started moving snow in the winter also.
    As everyone knows, not all winters pan out, but when they do, fleet costs go up. So we decided to also find a full time mechanic.
    What we ended up with was a guy with his own small engine business and contact who needed help on the administrative end of things and got not only a fleet mechanic, but another business to boot.
    In an industry that is so effected by weather, growing seasons, and climate, we felt that having the ability to repair our own mowers, skids, and trucks, as well as service those of the community was a great way to keep the wheels turning. Now on top of it, we've become a Husqvarna dealership, partly to supplement our fleet, but to also sell commercial products to people who like the idea of having a place to service their new investments as well.
    Next thing on our minds is selling plows. Again, taking care of our fleet is key, but we want to sell a reliable product to the community as well and have a sales rep who is responsive to our needs. If anyone has any input or suggestions, advice is always welcome!

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    Welcome to our forum!

    Do you find you like one side of the business more so than the other? Is it difficult at all to juggle those two components of your company?

    Any advice to others who are trying something similar?
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