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    Hello im new to the forum, i currently dont have my own lawn care business but i have all the equipment lined up and think im going to go for it this year. I have worked for a herbicide applicator business for several years doing oilfield sites as well as residential and commercial sites. Im just looking for helpful hints on starting my new business thanks.

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    Welcome aboard, I am relatively new too but have learned a lot from the forum. Just finished the lawn care business school they offer and if you get a chance I reccomend you go through it. Tons of info that can help a new person just starting out. When I started 7 years ago I started with just a few people I knew and have grown it to over 30 properties today. As much as advertisement as I could afford and a lot of word of mouth. Been a lot of ups and downs but by determination and sticking with it with the help of the Lord I have got it to where it is now. Just get a made up mind to make it work and go with it! I wish you the best of luck!

    Donnie/DJ Landscaping


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      Welcome to our forum. I'd suggest reading here and on my lawn care business blog as much as you can.

      Get some business cards made up and start handing them out. The more people that know about your business, the better your chances are of making sales.
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