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Looking for advice in starting a new company

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  • Looking for advice in starting a new company

    Hi everyone! I am in the middle of doing all the research into starting my own lawn care business. I live in Springfield, IL and there are a lot of companies here.. A climate with a hard winter. Id love to hear any advice anyone has in this stage of the game.. one of the biggest questions i have is how much will i spend to get started with everything included.. and how do you book contracts if you don't have this stuff all ready to go?

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    Just go out and price out some equipment. Look on craigslist. You can find a lot of good deals on used stuff on there. Dont go out and think you have to get the nicest mower on the block. Be practical. Then advertise your service and be patient. If you want to be legit, theres a ton of other stuff you have to do.


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      the equipment you need depends on the area you service .Some areas,have little lawns with hedges,fences and gates everywhere ,while other areas might have yards that are open like a football field .The equipment is drastically different ,so the costs are too .Another thing to concider,is the hourly rate your area will tolerate .Using a $10000.00 mower in an area where your getting only $20.00 lawns doesnt make sense .


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        Those are all very good tips and much appreciated! There are few sprawling lots here so ive been told one of the mowers you stand up on are your best bet.. and that all the time comes in the edging, trimming, and clean up..


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          OH and one other question... which is the best software to buy to start the business that integrates the website, billing, bookeeping etc..