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    Hello I am a complete newbie to Lawn Management but my father in law has been running a large Right of Way Management company for the last 10 years. He retired 3 months bored of retirement and bought a Lawn care business last week He has asked me to give him a hand on the weekends and after hours. I am a Plumber by trade and have extensive knowledge on Irrigation however the on the lawn care side I am admittedly lacking.

    I stumbled upon the site and will be taking the course to try to get my self up to speed so I know what the other guys are talking about and be able to communicate properly with the customers.

    Looking forward to Learning,
    Nate Wood

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    Hi Nate,

    Welcome to our forum!

    Try out the lawn care business school. That should give you some new insights.

    How have you enjoyed working with your father in law so far taking care of yards? Can you see a future in it for yourself?
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