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  • Hello from Austin

    Well, Hello from Austin!
    My name is Pete and i am the owner of GMR International (General Maintenance Resources International)
    After a whole slew of life changing adventures i had to return to Austin to support
    My 8 year young daughter and she brought me to the idea of starting a lawn care
    Company beside my truck driving career to do the nice things when we have
    Day's that run parallel with each other
    So where to start? After finding the book by Steve Low's
    "Extreme lawn care tips" i did some reading and decided to sign up
    And join the ranks here at the forum.
    I am a previous homeowner with an very wide range of skills that i have earned
    Over the lifespan of thirty work years in at least ten countries and four continents,
    And i started working in the repair and maintenance of greenhouses in the Netherlands (yes i am Dutch) when i was fourteen
    also i was becoming the envy of the neighborhood with the upkeep of my old property, so those
    Skills with my love for nature will assist me in my quest to create an heritage
    For my daughter who gave me the inspiration for this in the first place.
    So here i go, reading and more reading, which i love to do anyhow!
    Thank you all for the very informative topics within this forum.

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    Welcome to our forum! It's great to have you here!

    What kinds of things are you doing now to promote your lawn care business?
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      I live in Austin as well. Let me know if you have any questions.

      Take care,



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