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    I wish I could carry around a bucket of lava... Throw everything into it, and it's gone!

    Dog in the backyard when I want to mow? It's gone!


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      Hey Select,

      The sweeper's pick-up capability would be of absolute importance. We too have used crappy ones where it was pointless to even use. This machine, from top to bottom, would have to be constructed with utmost care with engineering being top of mind. We are very sure that it can perform as we intend it to, and have various ways to ensure that every single leaf will be picked up.

      One of the main problems when going over your lawn with a sweeper are the little "undulations" that every lawn has. That is, the lawn isn't exactly 100% flat, and fallen leaves always find their way into these little sunken parts of the lawn. We do believe that we have a way to make sure these leaves are also picked up.

      The idea here is this machine has to be 100% functional, or else it won't be any different than any of the other products out there that only do 1/2 the job. We want it to work so well that when your neighbor sees it in action, he will inquire about where you got it.


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        Will it work on steep hills or does the lawn need to be flat. What about wet leaves ?


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          I didn't read through all the other posts on this topic so I don't know if anyone already covered it. This is basically a lawn sweeper that bags them for you. If you could make it a tow behind that would sweep up the leaves, mulch them and then transport them into bags with the same conveyer belt style that you have, that would be a golden machine, if it would pick up 99% of the leaves.
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            Andrew, thanks for the comment. You're 100% right, all this really is is a lawn sweeper that automatically bags the leaves for you. However simple it may seem, we're hoping the public views the added bonus as a necessity.

            When you use a standard lawn sweeper, the main draw is the minimal effort required to pick up the leaves. But once the hopper is full, that's when the difficulty begins. When we had a sweeper at home, it would take one or two passes on our 30-40ft lot and the whole damn thing was full. We'd then have to disengage the hopper, and then try to funnel those leaves into the brown paper bags - it just didn't happen. That's when we came up with this idea. We loved using a lawn sweeper, but hated the fact that it only solved half the problem.

            To your question about a tow-behind, yes, we'd ideally like to implement that in the future, and I understand that we are on a commercial landscapers website. But for now, we're focusing on the push-powered segment of the market. We will certainly be looking to license our patented technique to any companies that are interested in using it more in the commercial realm down the road.

            Thanks so much for commenting, if you have anything that you'd think would improve the machine we'd love to hear it. Once produced, it will have a mulcher and a compactor, so as to maximize every square inch of the leaf bags.

            And Godslapper, yes, we do have many ideas in mind for dislodging wet leaves, and also for dealing with angled landscape. Thanks for asking that question, because they are both valid ones.


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              Hey guys thanks again for all the feedback so far. I'm looking to see if anyone knows of any similar forums (lawn and garden, DIY, homeowners, tools, etc) where I can ask people's opinion like I did here? Would love to be able to reach additional people for their input. Thanks.


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                When can I get one and how can I get one ? How much will it cost ? I can't wait to add this to my business. I think with one of these I should be able to dubble my business and my productivity. Thanks It's guys like you that make life easyer. Keep up the good work.


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                  Does anyone remember the thread about a guy inventing a leaf collector that would mulch and bag it for you, I can't seem to find his thread. I wanted to share this with him.

                  here you go


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                    Thanks will, couldn't seem to find it.

                    I stumbled across that while surfing the net, its similar to what you have in mind, but different, think it could give you a couple ideas.
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                      Great idea! keep up the good work, soon you'll be rolling in the cash.....hopefully

                      I know others have said it, but mulching, self propelled, and a towing feature would make this perfect!

                      Maybe just make a spinning blade like wood chippers??

                      Also, I love this idea!

                      Maybe you should just make custom bags to fit any size mower bag. That would help.
                      just make breathable bag inserts to put inside the bagger of the mower. THis way, you just remove and replace the bag. Kind of similar to what you do with a garbage can. The can being the existing bagger and the trash bag being the breathable inserts...

                      Again, love the idea! and what you said in one of the first few posts about patent examiners being really busy, is sooo true. My dad is a US Patent examiner and they have enough work to keep them busy for years to come. So congrats that you were lucky enough to get a patent. Good luck.


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                        That thing looks nice. It looks like the only difference is this one folds and picknbag has the disposable bags.


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