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    Hi. I'm a mother of four and a lover of working outside in the yard and garden. I did all the yard work at our house until my son got older. We are starting this business together to help him make money and learn how to be an entrepenuer.

    My husband has a business and I help him some in the office. He constantlly teaches our kids to be an employer, not an employee, so this is my son's chance to see if that's his way or not. And I will love working outdoors and getting out of the office. We have one commercial job and have invested in a used Huskee Supreme GT and a good weedeater to go with a 22" push mower we already had.

    I'm looking foward to meeting you and learning anything I can from the experts.

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    Welcome to our forum!

    That is a fantastic story! It should be very interesting for you to see how all this works out. I have no idea what it takes to get younger people interested in running their own business. Some just seem to pick it up and run with it while others don't. So if your children are interested, you certainly sound like you would be able to assist them in many many ways.

    Keep us posted on how all this goes.
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