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  • Hello from Mid Coast Maine


    I just joined this forum the other day. It looks to be the most informative one I have come across....great info here. Anyway I am in my 2nd year of lawn maintenance and really trying to push to get more clients. This year has been better than last so far but more business would be nice. Well I will be talking with you guys and checking things out on a regular basis.

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    Welcome to our forum! What kinds of things are you going to be doing differently this year from last year to attract more customers?
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      Just trying to get my name out there. I am ordering vinyl lettering for my truck and want to get some shirts and sweatshirts. My budget is kind of tight right now so we will see. im picking up more and more each day. I put out posters with tear off tabs on local bulletin boards and they are help[ing. My fiance did a great job designing my logo and posters on photoshop. They look way better than the other guys I see out there.


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