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  • cherokki54 (R & M and Family Makes Crew)

    Hi everyone! Steve thank you for the wonderful welcome. My name is Vickie and our family is helping my son to get started in lawn care and landscaping. We have only been at this for about 3 weeks now and I have been trying my best to be the office manager and get the correct forms that we need for a contract for lawncare and landscaping. I have been serching the internet for free templates so I can print them out and that is how I found this site. I like what I see and hope you all can help me find the right contract. We have several repeat customers and are requesting more work be done and they like our work but want a contract and it sounds like a wise ideat to me. Any help or advice that I can get from all of you would be greatly appreciated.
    I live in Missouri and today the weather is cold and cloudy. I am raising 2 grandsons one is 12 and the other is 7. They are a great joy to us and they are also learning with us. I hope you all have a very blessed day.

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    Welcome to our forum!

    With you being a new lawn care business of 3 weeks, would it work out better if you didn't utilize the contracts yet and just had some kind of estimate form that the customer might sign and agree to a price?

    Then you can scale up your estimate to a contract later as needed?
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