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    Hi I'm Silas I live in Richmond VA I started my own business called Any & Everything Services and I provide both lawn care and home cleaning. I also started a website if anyone can give me any advice on getting customers and more online traffic for my website. And If you can check out my site and give me give any advice on that would be much appreciated. Just contact me through here or my email

    Thank you

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    Have you ever run a lawn service?

    If so, how do you provide everything else?

    I've never run a housekeeping service, adding lawn service would be a real b*tch.

    I never, ever desired to mow lawns for a living, it came with the territory and I incorporated it into the landscape work I prefer because it's linked. I'm da*n good at it, better than many because I'm a perfectionist.

    It's dirty, it's stinky, the weather determines (almost) everything and can make life a terribly difficult struggle. How many services can I add to the two I've got?

    How does one purchase equipment, staff, & insure 2 fulltime services along with "everything else"?

    Just curious, seems to me too many services is a quick trip to bankruptcy. Selling is one thing, customer satisfaction is the bottom line.
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      Welcome to our forum!

      What's your view on offering so many different services? Do you plan on keeping that going into the future or are you just looking to see which services are the most needed and then stick with them?
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