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    My name is Joseph, I just started a new lawn service came here for expert help. My main problem is how do I get customers. I have Webs: and and how do I get my name out there? (I'm broke liveing hand to mouth right now)

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    make up some 1/2 page flyers and go door to door, using them as door hangers. I like brite color paper
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      reply to welcome new member

      I have read some of the posts already on this forum, and I've down loaded the half flyer and edited it to me. I'm going to try the "stick to one naborhood"
      method for a few weeks see if that works then I'm moving on to creges list. As I mentioned befor I'm broke so I need the one area to get me some exposure.
      I'm putting out my first flyers this morning.


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        Hi Joe,

        I'd suggest just get out and start saying hi to your neighbors. Walk the neighborhood and hand out business cards or flyers. The more people you meet, the more you can sell too.

        Keep us posted on how things go.
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