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  • Going Legit

    I recently bought my Uncle's Lawn care business from him. I have worked for him for several years and do Home Improvement side jobs as well. His business has always been a cash business, so when I bought it, I decided to go legit all the way around including getting all of the required licenses and insurance.

    I named it Lucky Clover Lawn Care & Property Maintenance. The business comes with 35 clients, but has plenty of room to grow, as he would turn down new business all the time. This won’t be my full time job until I can grow the business to support my Family. My primary experience is with the Home Improvement and Landscaping rather than the lawn care. I look forward to all of the information I will learn with this site as I have already spent hours soaking up as much as I can through out the forums.

    Personally I have a beautiful wife and a handsome 1 year old son along with our dog Sage. I like to Hunt, Fish, and work in my wood shop in my spare time (if and when I have any). Owning a business is new to me as well, but the knowledge I have already gained from here has been invaluable. The Sample letters and forms are a huge time saver.

    Daniel Garrity

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    Sounds like your heading down the right road.
    Just talk to your insurance make sure that wide list of things you do are covered. I have two lines of insurance lawn care & handyman just to make sure I am covered


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      Thanks for the advise. Insurance and liscences are covered. Just working on a logo design. Any tips for the duel business?


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        duel business is hard the only way I can kind of make it work is setting up some days as mowing days like thursdays and fridays (but rain can F this all up) Make sure customers understand that you can't "paint" there house on mow days. Making them understand this can be harder than you think. I am getting away from the handyman part of my business because I find it hard to make good money per hour with out spend tons of money on tools & having supplies on the truck (can't bill customer for running to lowes 5 times in day). Loading and unloading the truck for lawn care then handyman takes time. But I think you can make it work if you like both parts of your business I just never really liked the handyman as much as being outside


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          Welcome to our forum Daniel!

          Have you found certain parts of the business easier to deal with than others? What advice do you have for others trying to get their lawn care business going?
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