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  • Hello from NJ

    New to landscaping, starting out as a side job with hopes of blowing up!!! I have always wanted to do something on the side since my regular career gives me the time to do so. I chose landscaping because the money could be good, there are a lot of crappy landscaping gigs out there which I plan on capitalizing on, and I enjoy finishing a hard days work. The reward of looking back at a transformation that you have just accomplished has always been a high. I am noticing that customers don't just fall out of the sky and I just have to go out there and grab them. Then I hope the quality of work and affordable prices will help my business grow.

    Anyone know a good estimate calculator for NJ? Prices seem to be different around here than anywhere else.

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    Welcome to our forum!

    Here are some estimating tools.

    online lawn care estimation tools.

    lawn care estimators for android.

    What have you been doing or are you planning on doing to attract the new customers?
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