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  • Im back and ready to go !

    Hi every one im back after a few months away from this great web site.I went long haul trucking(why i dont know) but the season is upon us up here in NY state and im getting ready to go about and find some customers.I have read a lot of the posts on this site and really do appreciate all of your ideas and suggestions.I dont have much experience obtaining customers but thats about to change as desperate times calls for desperate measures(IM BROKE)I do have brand new equipment and experience in doing the actual work so hopefully it will all come together for me.I wish you all the best of luck and and a prosperous season and will keep in touch on this site.....Brian

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    Hi Brian,

    Welcome back!

    What are some of your next plans now? What will you be doing to get everything up and running?
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      I am focusing on advertisement such as business cards,door hangers and posting flyers.I am also focusing on getting my second customer.I have one and im sure i will get more.I need to stay positive and just keep moving forward with a positive attitude.Im also getting materials to make signs for the side of my trailer..... Thanks for asking Steve


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        first year is the Toughest once you get every thing in line and start producing things will fall into place on there own
        Chris Hoeltke
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          Do you find the experience of getting up and running any easier the 2nd time around or is it the same as the first time?
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            well the small amount of sales pitch experience i got last year and finding this web site gives me a good boost of confidence that i didnt have much of last year.I am going to make it a point to read the post on this site just before venturing out to the neighborhoods......Brian


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              Where do you have your business listed? Do you have a company website?
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                No,i dont have a web site. I just advertise in a local paper for $110.00 a month and i put up flyers at Diners and other local business.I also have friends in the construction and electrical fields that have given me leads before but this is a different year and im not sure whats going to happen.Im just getting started again.I had one customer that owned 14 properties from 2008 to 2010 and then got a relative to take care of them and down the road i went.Last year was a really bad year as i was not prepared and got a late start.So im hoping this year will be better.....


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