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    Hi everyone. I recently joined the site because of the great posts I have read her in the past. My friend and I have been in the lawn care business for a few years now and recently started to expand a little since college gives us more time to work. Check out our website: and tell us what you think. Thanks.

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    I like the site. I just know about "join us" people like "free no obligation quote"

    what is up with the calendar?

    I like the pics they look GREAT but the last one looks a little dead


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      Yes the last one is a little dead but that is just because it was the start of winter. The photo was labeled as leaf season and the picture was just showing a leaf free yard. Thanks for looking!


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        Welcome to our forum!

        What kinds of things are you doing to expand your business this year?
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          We are planning on putting flyers out at the end of the week, posting in some local newspapers/classifieds and in the process of figuring out our website. These are all things we haven't tried before so we're in the middle of the learning curve.


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            Make sure you experiment with craigslist too. You might be able to get quite a few customers through there as well.
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              I been keeping up with the craigslist in my area but have yet to receive a phone call. Maybe I'm just too early and need to give it some more time. No lawn care work has been really going on in my area yet so we shall see. Do you have any secrets to attract extra attention on craigslist?


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                list any word you can think of someone may type into a search for what you do and where you do it. and all spellings "leaves leaf leafs laefs"

                put keywords at bottom of ad

                KEYWORDS lawncare lawn care lawns clean up leaf leafs leaves mowing mow cut cutting cleanup clean-up clean up spring fall removal thrower throwing snowblowing blower blowing cleaning mowing cut cutting mulch mulching melt shovel shoveling salt sand salting sanding whitman abington easton stoughton bridgewater west north south east 02301 plow plowing snowplowing snowplow snow home house business gift give powerwashing power washing power-washing wash bush
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                  Hello Ladies and Gents
                  Just got back in the USA after living in Germany for 4 years.
                  I am opening a new lawn service in Kansas city after having to close my hard scape company back in 2008. dam government of ours could screw any thing up. as they did with the housing here in Kansas city.
                  Any way hoping this year will be a good one an i can make loads of money.
                  Good to meet all of you and hope all goes well for all of you this year also so.


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