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  • New guy here!

    Hello all.
    I am trying to start a lawn care business in up state NY. Just bought my first mower and am getting ready to mail out flyers to neighbor hoods in my area. I also want to send letters to some commercial accounts. I am having a hard time coming up with a approach letter to send to these business's. anybody have any suggestions on these or any other part of the business. I'm open for any and all ideas that can kick it off to a good start.

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    so how many flyers are you mailing out?
    As Steve would say flyers get about 2% call back on a good day (for me it can take a year before some call) and that just calls not all get work done.
    how many times are you flyering the same house?
    Watch all the videos that are here it is time well spent.


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      I'm hoping between 300-500. I don't exactly know. I'm thinking of either doing flyers or postcards and using some examples on here offer 2-3 coupons to try and get people interested in calling us. keeping my fingers crossed that it will work and get some contracts out of it. Another issue I am having is coming up with a good letter to send to commercial accounts in regards to being able to submit bids for there properties. I don't know how to approach them, weither asking what the process is for bidding and just flat out telling them I want to bid on their properties.


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        In my past experience, commercial property managers usually will want to go with an established business that has been around for a few years that can prove they are quality workers. That being said, seek out the managers of the establishment and ask them, they should be able to give you a name and number of who to contact. What area of New York are you starting up in?


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          Well just be careful 300 is not alot for a new business. this will be the first time they hear of you. You would have to get one in ten houses to use you to get 30 customers. spending $20 on postcards to get new customers is not going to get you far (it costs that much to fill my mower). Commercial accounts can be hard for new LCO to get, you may not want to spend all your time hunting them your first year


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            As I built the residential side of our business, I got a couple commercial account because I was servicing their home address. Focus on residential first, the commercials will follow. Do you have a web presence planned out? A website is crucial as most people search the web now a days.


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              Hi Chris,

              Welcome to our forum!

              I am having a hard time coming up with a approach letter to send to these business's. anybody have any suggestions on these or any other part of the business.
              Have you checked out the free lawn care letter templates here?

              If you want to read more about getting commercial lawn care customers, check out that link to my blog section.

              If you want to read even more: How To Get Commercial Lawn Care And Snow Plow Customers.

              Let me know if this helps.
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