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    Hi everyone, Im Steve I started a landscaping biz here in Montana around the first of August. I did well until around the end of September. I did not get any contract jobs with mowing due to how late I got started. I did get a lot of 1 or two time mow jobs that worked well along with some landscaping. One job took 3 weeks and the pay was nice. I didn't get as much fall clean up as I expected but got a little. I have a few snow shoveling jobs lined up but the snow is just not coming. That is weird for these parts. I love landscaping. I have done it off and on since I began working (I'm 37 by the way) and even before as my parents turned our house property back in the Seattle area into a small park. Im also currently going to college here for Landscape design. I look forward to growing my business and thank the people here for all there help.

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    Keep at it, it takes time to build a nice business. Word of mouth will spread if you do a good job at a fair price. Even though you got a late start it will help with next years growing season I'm sure. Good Luck! Finish School!
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      Welcome to our forum!

      and even before as my parents turned our house property back in the Seattle area into a small park.
      This sounds very interesting! Can you tell us more about it?
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        It was not that big of a property about 2/3 acre. At the end when we sold it there were 3 vegetable gardens we had about a dozen fruit trees along with 80+ roses around the property. There were 2 ponds 1 waterfall and about 6 other fountains. Then countless other plants, there was no lawn by then end and not a square inch that was not tended.


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          I feel your pain about the lack of snow. Normally we have at least two or three snow events here, but nothing. Looking ahead in the forecast there is nothing either.

          Something that you may want to think about that I use is a combination of contracts for snow plowing, 1) per service, 2) pre-pay, and 3) flat monthly rate. This way you are always getting money to come in the door.


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