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    Hi All,
    I am Patries Ramkaran, the Managing Director/ Owner for Ramkaran Contracting Services Ltd
    My business was incorporated in the Country of Trinidad and Tobago (Caribean) in 2005 to provide Construction Services.
    However, due to change in eceonomy I deceided to get into landscaping.
    Presently I have a landscaping/ maintenance Contract with the Government
    This week I decided to do some marketing to sell plants and offer lanscaping services to the citizens of my country
    I am sending brocuher via mail to houses
    It is not so expensive though
    My first phase is 4993 brocuher, so I hope i get a good response

    This appeoach is totally new to me

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    Welcome to our forum!

    WOW you are sending out 5,000 brochures? What kinds of services are you promoting in them?

    What kind of percentage response rate are you shooting for?
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