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New to all this and sayin hey.

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  • New to all this and sayin hey.

    My name is Jeff and i'm just south of St Louis. Have worked in construction on and off, served in the Army from 04 to 09, worked for a lawncare company here when i got out of the Army. I was out of work that winter and decided i needed a career and since my background was construction and hunting terrorists i figured Heating and Cooling would suit me better here in the States...Mowing lawns kinda sat with me hard and my mind kept wandering back to "what if", but the responsible supporting the wife and making sure i have an income always pushed the What If since i'm not getting any younger, i'm taking the plunge, well actually i'm sticking my toe in this fall. Since the decision to do this is late in the season and i do have a full time job, i'm setting up some flyers to print for leaf removal, and purchasing a leafblower, tarp and rake this Friday. Along with snow removal this winter ( which i have done on off days the past couple winters ) i'm hoping to purchase a mower in the spring and take on a few accounts while working the full time job. My plan is by the spring of 2013 to be able to quit my job and concentrate on my business full time.

    So far this site has a lot of information that i'm taking in. I figure researching and learning while i'm still less than part time will prepare me for when i jump in.

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    Hey Jeff, congrats on your new business. Good luck! I'd suggest taking a look at the lawn business school provided through Gopher forum. There's a lot of great information/tips about all different services you could offer.


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      Hi Jeff,

      Welcome to our forum!

      You got a lot of great things going on there. Keep us posted on how your plan unfolds.
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