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    Hey Everyone,

    I am fairly new to running my own business. I have been a welder for the last 14 yrs. The last yr and a half has been a very life changing experience for me. I was diagnosed with graves disease which affects my eyes and can be maintained with meds to some extent. Docs said you have to find a new profession. So here I am thought about what I want to do for months and decided property maintenance. And the fact that i was tired of busting my butt to make other people rich. I guess you could say I have a good jump on my business as I have another lawn company that is willing to help me get started. I have decided its time to get some flyer's out. The mowing season is coming to an end and the leafs area about to fall. I did'nt want to jump into to much at once. So I thought start small grow big. Offering mowing services, leaf removal, brush hauling, gutter cleanouts/inspections/screen, weeding and depending on what they have other stuff. I have lots to learn that is obvious gonna jump head first in and have fun doing it.

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    Welcome to our forum!

    Did your previous job negatively effect your eyesight? I don't know anything about that.

    How do you feel starting your lawn care business has helped your health so far?
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      I have not worked a steady job in over a year.I can't say that the job did or did not have any affect on my eyes. Well I am getting excercise so that is a plus.


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