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  • new to the life

    i am new to this life and need good advice on start up for marketing, promoting, some things that you cant live without etc...

    any comments welcome thank you.

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    Right there with ya

    I've been working this season for a sub par company.

    I've done so much research and have been listening to the GopherHaul podcasts while I'm out mowing. I've been working on gathering the finances for my own mower as my employer had several large account here in the Home of Wal-Mart Arkansas, but he had HORRIBLE customer service, and if possible even more HORRIBLE human relations.

    With out going into much more detail on this guys destined to be doomed company I wanted to state that I'm in the planning stages of my first lawn mowing business with a few clients already down. I know it's late in the season, but I figure now is the time to start marketing. I figure get some more clients that will be likely to sign up for service next year and possibly finish out this year with me. On top of that I'm going to be offering the normal fall clean ups and try to land some winter landscaping. Any of the seasoned Vets out there throw your knowledge our way.

    What's working for you? What should we not bother with and how you're marketing your fall services along with the winter ones.

    I know this info is out there on the forum, but there's always room for more info on this thread.

    Thanks guys, happy lawn care!!!


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      but he had HORRIBLE customer service, and if possible even more HORRIBLE human relations.
      Do you think this is something he had when he started or do you feel it kinda went down hill the longer he has been in business?

      What could be done to avoid this from happening?
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