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Fleabane Weed Everywhere! AHHHHH!!!

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  • Fleabane Weed Everywhere! AHHHHH!!!

    Ok so one of my customers has Fleabane everywhere in her lawn. Apparently this is considered a native wild flower in Texas, but it doesn't look good in a lawn with St. Augustine. My customer rents this place and it looks like the lawn has take all root rot. I've told her that I think she has it, but doesn't want to pay the money to fix the problem since it isn't her lawn, but she does want these weeds gone.

    Not sure what to do in this case. I admire her because she does want to somewhat take care of the lawn even though she rents.

    There are waaaay to many to pull up. No way can this happen and I only want to do it organically if possible.

    Click here to see a picture of it.

    Thanks for your help,


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    I did a little research and didn't see anything to treat it.

    Maybe you could contact your local county Farm Bureau through here and see if they have any advice?

    In such a case, if it was covering the lawn, I'd figure you'd probably have to do something like till it and reseed, but the fact that it is a rental property may limit your options to next to nothing on account of them not going to want to pay for such service.

    Keep me posted though.
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