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  • G"Day from Australia

    Hi All, I've only just started my own business here. Currently working part-time in one job and doing my mowing after finishing there. We have quiet a few large franshise in my city, along with a lot of inderpendants. This is making it hard for anyone new to begin. So what am i doing different to the others to attract and keep customers?
    First I make sure to make some time to have a chat to the customers, not about my business but about them and how life is treating them at the moment. Older people sometimes never have visitors (which is sad really) and appreciate anyone who will take the time to talk & listen to them. It sometimes leads to a bit of extra work that is not landscapeing orientated. Changing a light bulb, scewing a picket back on the fence or even tuning in their television.
    I offer one free service at the end of a six months and a free one for every new customer they recommend me to, that signs up for a regular service.
    I recently purchased your book on how to get more customers and am waiting for that to arrive.
    Winter is about to start here which slows things down but I will keep plugging away in the hope that I can make it into a fulltime job.

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    Keep at it man. I am surrounded by many legitimate companies and MANY more workers of "questionable legal status" that are willing to work for sub minimum wage. It can make it hard at times but just keep going.

    Good idea talking to people, I have a older lady that comes out to talk to me 3-4 times during my time there. It makes the job take twice as long but I know sometimes helping others can be just as rewarding as $$$.

    Good luck.


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      Hi Stewart,

      Welcome to our forum!

      Those are all great ideas! What led you to them in order to stand out from competitors?

      How did you come up with the idea of giving your customers a little extra time to chat with them?
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        Having elderly parents that need to get people in to do the simplest of jobs, they always comment that its hard to get someone to do little things. Unfortantly they don't live close by or I could help out. They also mentioned that their landscaper is always in a rush, and has no time to do the little things for them. I thought about this and don't want to fall into the same trap. These days cusromer service seems to be on the decline and just doing a little extra for your clients can make a big difference.


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          I looked into shipping blades to Australia once and found the tariff and freight to be so high the customer could not come out ahead. I wish I could help I looked at some of the prices for equipment and parts and WOW it is more then double the cost it is here in the states.
          I am the owner of an online mower parts distributor. I am also a Briggs Master Service Technician and Expert Certified Mechanic for Kohler. If my posts helps you please like my facebook page at


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            That is a great marketing angle! I think it will help you stand out!

            How are you using that difference in your business practices to stand out from others in your marketing? Do you point out these differences between you and your competitors?
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