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    Thanks for the welcome;
    We have been in buisiness for the second time around due to the economy Scott had to get back into it after being laid off. This is our second year, & any advice greatly appreciated. Lisa does all the design and estimates and she even does and (digs) ponds! Would like to get more commercial but usually nothing is turned down Just like the name of the company "What Scott Does..." it's your call, he can do it all! is our slogan. She's also a nurse and does our business too, kinda nice having a nurse on the jobs keeps people from getting hurt. Our hobby is motorcycles and animals, and getting the business to be a success. I'm sure we will be talking to all of the great people on this site. Thanks again.

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    Welcome to our forum!

    What kinds of lessons do you feel you learned from your first foray into the lawn care industry that you can now apply to your second?

    Do you find it is easier the second time around to get up and running?
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