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    I have just got introduced to the Landscape maintenance business. I am helping my Girl friend that just got a maintenance business dumped onto her from a divorce. Go figure. Not too many good customers left. I have read Steve’s book on how to gain new customers and it has some good parts. As everyone else feels the gas crunch how do you pass this on to your customer and not have them leave for the less expensive other guy?
    We are a small business in South Florida trying to keep afloat. Thanks for your advice.

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    As you will read throughout this forum and have to charge enough to make a profit and cover your expenses. The other guy who underbids you has his own agenda and we can't worry about him. It's tough to figure out what you need at this early stage but that is really the key. Does no good to work and not make profit.

    I try to stay around $35 -$40 per hour. More if I think I can get it. At this rate I can cover my bills and stash some cash away for that new mower next season...hopefully.


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      Welcome to our forum!

      Another big issue is keeping your routes tight. The less driving you have to do the better. That is why you see a lot of forum members market to the neighbors of their customers. If you can do a few lawns at one stop, there is less loading and unloading time as well. This allows you to keep your costs down and your prices competitive.

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