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  • Hello Everyone

    My name is Ray Marshall and own a Landscaping Company named M & T Group, LLC. We are located in Austin, Texas and most of our business is done in an area west of Austin on and around Lake Travis. Our customers are very successful people and the homes are mostly around two Championship golf courses. A large majority of our clientele we service have several homes and the demand is great.
    I am a former Golf Course Superintendent of 35 Years and started my company 5 years ago, and have grown to over 50 customers now, and do new construction as well.
    I will look forward to this forum to future knowledge.

    Thank You,
    Ray Marshall

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    Hi Ray,

    You sound like you have an awesome business running! Have you been able to tie in your experience with your marketing so the prospective customer knows about all your skills?

    Do you have any advice for others just getting started on the best way to acquire new customers?
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