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Hello fellow mowers. QUESTIONS FOR YOU GUYS

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  • Hello fellow mowers. QUESTIONS FOR YOU GUYS

    My name is Peter and I live in wonderful sunny Florida. I have done mowing and landscaping in the past and started doing it again about 2 months ago. I only have 7 accounts as of now. I personally think thatís a pretty sad number for two months and being in Florida this time of the year. I live in a nicer part of the county but there what seems to be hundreds of lawn services. I have very nice business cards and have put out several hundred flyers so far. I have also been posting ads on craigslist but only got 2 customers from there. I do beautiful work and my prices are right in line with everyone else in the county. What I need to know is how can I get my name out there over all the other guys and get some more business. I have a family to support and I need the business. Any advice would be great.


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    You are doing pretty good for only getting started 2 months ago. Are you marketing the neighbors of your current customers? What about through your family and friends? Do they all have business cards to hand out for you?

    What kinds of marketing methods did you utilize in the past when you were running your business?
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