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Just joined, and saying hello to all

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  • Just joined, and saying hello to all

    My name is Tom, I live in northwest Iowa and just joined this forum today. Stopping here to say hello to all and hopefully I will be able to soak up a lot
    of the wisdom here. I have read a lot and so far I really like the ideas you all
    are sharing. It's great and I will enjoy your mentoring, so thank you all in advance!!!!

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    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to our forum!

    What got you interested in starting your own lawn care business?
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      Thanks for the welcome Steve!

      I am retired, looking for something to do and I have always enjoyed mowing my own lawn, and then loading up the trailer and going to my son's house and then my daughters house, and since it never hurts to have a little extra cash I figured I would take on a few minor things to fill my time and put some money in my pocket to play with. I would even be satisfied with only a dozen or so customers for lawn care in my little sub-division. If it seemed to be going gangbusters then I would consider growing the business.

      I am probably not your typical member here as I don't need or even want to go full time with this endeavor. With a couple heart attacks under my belt and a pace maker, I don't have the desire to work myself to death. A few jobs where I can take my time to give a quality service will be enough to satisfy me, and hopefully my customers.

      I am also engaged in a few other "small" ventures that could possibly help others here in the "off" season if they were interested. But these other things really have nothing to do with the lawn care business.

      I really don't want competition in my area so if anyone is interested I would share in an email with their promise NOT to post it on the internet or in this forum, in case someone else in my area would pick up on it and low ball me. They aren't much and I wouldn't expect anyone to get rich but they might be able to pull in a few extra bucks now and then. I am not selling anything, just willing to share information.

      BTW I just completed your on-line school. I gained a lot of knowledge and have a few ideas of my own about several of the topics. Thanks for the training opportunity!


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