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  • M J Wyco Services Reaching For The Stars

    Well Hello everyone we at M J Wyco Services are happy to be with you today and look to learn a lot from this site and it's fine people we just had to buy the software and I love it used it all winter for service work we just took $1500.00 bucks we sold and old car that had the motor blow up in it and lost our butt on it so sold it went out got a snow plow to fit my unbody Jeep CK and started biding contracts well B2B was good to us this year and old man winter just kept the snow on the ground needless to say B2B is solw pay and a few locals kept us in fuel and away we went another plow business ask me to get a few lots for him cause he was so busy he paid me like 25 bucks and hour and made me cry but you just got to take it on the shin sometimes to serve your clients but at the end of the season we have over 5000 on the books free and clear and about 90 loged hours and thats good for this back woods part of the country I work in all of our equipment and tools are paid for no loans no big bills and not rich but fishing seasons coming LOL if I where 25 or 30 again I could run like a roster in the hen house and turn some money but finding someone to work around hear is like changing rock in to bread.

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    Welcome to our forum!

    What are some of your plans now that spring is here?
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