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    Hi i'm Vince. 17 year old making some money in the neighborhood doing landscaping and lawnmowing. Wondering if anyone could help me with pricing. I don't know a good way to determine how much I can charge for each lawn. I don't offer weedwhacker service but I do a very good job. These are typical residential area smallish lawns. I would appreciate any advice on how to catergorize the lawns I mow into the 15-25$ price range. This site is awesome, exploring has been very helpful.

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    Hi Vince,

    Welcome to our forum.

    Have you experimented with our lawn estimators yet? You can enter in some of your variables and have it create some pricing.

    We see a national average of about $45 per man hour for lawn care. So you could also use that in your estimating as well.
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      Yeah I saw those but they didn't seem all that applicable. I am just doing this as a part time spring and summer job. I only do like yardwork and chopping down trees and planting trees and then mowing also. As an inexperienced 17 year old who works really hard and is in good shape with lots of experience, what is a reasonable price per hour? Currently, my prices are at $15 an hour.


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