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Hi guys and girls.

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  • Hi guys and girls.

    I have been on here before. Haven't been in awhile though.
    so i passed the lawn care school. I have a ?
    what are the common ?'s regarding lawn care. i am taking the advice and giving my clients a folder, but have been stumped on this part.
    can you help me out?

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    I think this is something that varies from region to region and the type of grass.

    A way I have seen other members do this is to create a F.A.Q. a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

    Keep track as you are asked of these different questions and add them to your list. If the customer doesn't come out and ask you, you could always ask them if they have any questions about their lawn and see if that gets a thought going.

    Keep us posted on how this goes.
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