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  • Hello to all!

    My name is Jeremy. I am the son of a lawn maintenance business owner. My father started the business in 1987 while working full time at another job. He started off with a few lawns, but it started growing and growing. Nowdays, we have a little over 400 accounts, about 85% being residential. We operate 3 crews, 2 of which working 5 days a week. We also operate a single "side job" crew doing everything except mowing.

    My father is the main operator of this company, with me not far behind. I have caught the grasp of owning this kind of business.

    I joined here because, face it, who isn't looking to improve their business? I'm here to get some insight on maybe how to improve the business.

    Hello to all!!

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    Hi Jeremy,

    Welcome to our forum.

    As you are getting more and more into the business, what are you finding that you would like to improve on and which directions would you like to take things in the future or experiment with?
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