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  • Hey Everybody!!

    My name is Phil Harris. I live in Hickory, KY. I am starting a new lawn business this spring "Harris Lawn Service". I am 40 years old and have been married for 18 wonderful years. I started a lawn business about 15 years ago with a Murray lawn mower in the back of my pickup. Ended up with 25 yards the first season. Moved from KY to IL and closed the business. Now I'm back in the same area and am going to give it another try. I have a paid for Exmark Lazer Z 20hp 52in cut, and all I've ever done is mow my own yard with it. It's time to put that joker to work and have it make me money. I am tired of punching someone else's time clock!!

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    Hello Phil@Kentucky

    That is awesome! My name is Jimmie In Florida.

    You have given me a great idea about my first year in the lawn business!

    I started late last year with "Lawn Moore Inc."

    Before winter hit, i would ride around with my equipment looking for yards to mow and jobs to fill. The whole time thinking to myself "My, this is a lot of gas to be wasting.."

    Well your post just relivened me to thinking "Hey why dont i just ride around with a push mower to get clients, and as i get them be inclined to ask, hey is it ok if i bring my commercial mower next time, or for the first mow!

    I really think this is something good!

    Any how, Good luck with your business too, and;

    If i may ask; Do you think this would be a good idea vs riding around with a full trailer of stuff like we have now?
    (352)682-3094 Suwannee River, Florida 32680

    Visit my site,, Thanks!


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      Hi Phil,

      Welcome to our forum!

      How is it different for you this time around starting your business? Do you find it is easier the second time?

      Are there certain pitfalls you felt you hit the first time that you know to be aware of and avoid this time now?
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